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Brand Statement 

It comes from Casey, which means "vigilant" in my name. I'm always looking around me. I identify as a divination and balance swan, so I'm free to do my own thing to spirit and flourish. I perceive to have an aura of elegance. I would describe myself as an individual who, in a sophisticated and fashionable way, carries poise. In my work, I am graceful and calm.

My Work


Almas - Website Design

Almas Branding. Make a personal brand for a soap company and other products. Includes personal hygiene and cleaning.

Typography Poster

Graphic Design Poster

Typography Poster with a "literal" meaning


Birdhouse project done in 3D Sketchup and final model done with at Langara's workshop Materials included were cedar wood and wood glue.


Typography Project creating a magazine.

Paper Dress

Paper Dress inspired by Bella Hadid Met Gala 2018, using brown tape, hot glue & moulds, broken glass pieces, brown tissue paper.

Etsy Booth

Search for a store on Etsy, and create a booth for a company. This company had candles so I got inspired by nature from their collection.

*for school purposes

Independent Project- Cereal Boxes

Cereal family collection by Tune-In. Includes chocolate, cinammon, strawberry and frosted flavour from different artists.

Icons Exhibtion- Fendi

Fendi Exhibition. Telling the history of designer Fendi through a series of panels.

Hair Salon

Hair Salon inspired by 'Scandinavian' theme. Using triangular lines was distinct for this project.

Visual Identity by me. Gold swan was one of my favourites to do.

Visual Identity